1-client LAN to wifi bridge

I have a GL-MT300N-V2 and I would like to use it with an IP camera, in a place where I have power but no LAN cabling – ie I just want the MT300N to act as a wifi client for the device on its LAN.

I put the device into Extender mode, gave it credentials for my wifi, and turned off its own wifi network. This seems to be working but with two issues:

(a) If it can’t find the camera (eg due to power loss) it opens an unexpected wifi network, presumably to be helpful, which has the default password on it. (The wifi disappears once it sees the camera reconnect on the LAN.). Can I stop it doing this, or at least stop it offering a network with manufacturer default password?

(b) Although the camera is getting an IP address in the correct subnet, the IP allocation is not visible to the network management (Ubiquiti Unifi, both the controller and the security gateway). I wonder whether this means the IP is at risk of being duplicated by some future DHCP assignment on the network?

Thanks for any advice. If I’m using the wrong device for this, please feel free to suggest a better option.

Did you make this feature yourself?

In relay mode, all devices under 300n-v2 request IP with the MAC address of 300n-v2, so IP allocation is visible to the main router

No! I just set up the new device to act in relay mode. I think there must be something in the software which says “No one is talking to me on the LAN so let me offer it over wifi”.

Keen to know how to turn that off, or at least how to change the default wifi password which it is accepting (changing the administrator password didn’t work).

You can try the following command:

/etc/init.d/gl_health stop
/etc/init.d/gl_health disable