1 Server, 8 Clients. Setup Recommendations


In my workplace we usually don’t access the work-network from home. But like for the rest of the world things changed…

We are 8 people who would use a VPN (WIreguard). My thinking is like this:

  • The 8 of us get a Schiefer (GL-AR750S-Ext)
  • At work there is a Brume (GL-MV1000) as a Wireguard-Server

These 9 devices would only be used for Wireguard. The Brume doesn’t need Wifi, the Schiefers would be used to connect my mobile devices at home to the Work-network over Wireguard-VPN.
Also, it is unlikely that all 8 will use the VPN at the same time, even with Covid-19 we usually don’t work from home. The most important aspect for us is a simple setup at home, because 6 of the 8 have no clue whatsoever about VPN-stuff, so it has to be plug-and-play for them :slight_smile:

Is this a reasonable setup? Are there other recommendations. This would cost us about 800 Euro which is fine.

Thanks you!


Setup is ok. If You don’t need s2s feature you can install the wireguard client in your home devices…

That (Wireguard-Software in Windows) is probably not fool-proof enough for some of us… For me it might be perfect, yes.

Thanks you for your reply.