1200 Opal cannot connect to Mesh WIFI

Just got the Opal and in the process of setting it up, I tried to connect to my TPLink Mesh WIFI (single SSID for both 24 and 50) . No joy there, is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

I just installed the latest firmware 3.206-1201 . I had this same problem with a Beryl… frustrating. Thanks for suggestions.

Does the SSID of the TP-Link Mesh show up when you Scan for wireless networks as a Repeater? If not, then try entering the SSID manually.

You may have to turn off either the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band temporarily to know which band you are connecting to.

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The mesh WIFI SSID does indeed appear. It just never connects. I had this same issue with the Beryl. I have a Slate 750 and a Spits-750 and they both work with mesh WIFI. Go figure.

Can you get some log?

After connection failed, ssh to the router and use “logread” to get the log.

Opal-repeater-mesh-fail-logs.zip (20.2 KB)

Here you go, logread output

Is the mesh wifi WPA3 only?

If it is, Beryl and Opal cannot connect to it. Can you make the mesh wifi compatible to WPA2?

Is the mesh wifi WPA3 only?

No it is not.

The Spitz-750 and Slate-750 I have work just fine on this network.

I saw from your log, you have a space in your ssid. can you let me know if this is desired?

ssid="73ez5t8x "

Even with a space I could connect

Can you SSH the following command and try again?

sed -i '875i set_default ieee80211r 1' /lib/netifd/hostapd.sh

Are you able to try the method provided by @dengxinfa ?

I repurchased this Opal router and tried the above command. Yes, now I can connect to the Mesh WIFI.

Maybe jus try 3.215 beta firmware which should have fixed this.