2 VPN Issues (particularly in Google Chrome)

One VPN issue I have is that after some time, the VPN can get disconnected at the client level without it manually being disabled [showing ‘not started’ in GUI with both enable and force checked].

In this instance, where VPN force disconnects rather than is disconnected by the user would it not be possible for it to auto-reconnect? Maybe a script could do this if anyone knows how to go about this.

Adding ping-restart doesn’t appear to fix this as it’s disconnected at client level.

The second issue is that often hitting the apply button to connect to VPN does not work in Google Chrome (currently running on Mac). This is particularly after being signed in (clearing cache / cookies temporarily fixes it). I can see the ‘not started’ flickers a little.

I’ve had this issue on 2.26 (and new test firmware 2.261) on both AR300M and MT300N. v2.25 doesn’t have this issue.