2016 BLACK FRIDAY SALE 15% off


15% OFF


To thank the support of our valued customers and friends, GLi is releasing Black Friday Sale.

The deal is up to 15% off for all mini routers. The offer is valid only for two days, from 25th to 26th 2016. Come and pick up your surprise at:



amazon US:


amazon UK and Other EU country:




Why don’t you sell GL-MIFI on Amazon EU?

@robi, mifi has batteries and it has more trouble, we are still seeking a good way to put it in Amazon.

Lithium batteries are a pain in the backside to ship in this day and age… with all the explosions that have been happening lately. Many postal services will NOT accept them and those companies who do, surcharge and require hazard labeling… Couldnt you just pay for a pallet to be drop shipped with the requisite charges being mitigated by the quantity being shipped? or ship units sans battery and point to a plug in compatible battery already avalible? Or ship the batteries separate by surface/boat to Amazon distribution. Know its far from ideal but… just trying some ideas for you…

I actually regret missing this sale… But was still a bit unsure on the GL AR300M at the time… Think they would make nice LibraryBoxes and/or Pirateboxes (local area file sharing and collaboration) …

or even possibly a Openwrt internet radio streaming audio out to speakers (similar to airplay)



We now ship mifi with batteries with DHL express and pays extra for shipping batteries. Separating shipping will make more trouble to both the user and us.