[3.101] fixed : "Disabled the ipv6 function due to leak problem"

Does anyone have any details on this - what kind of leaks? would it affect openvpn client users (or wireguard client)?

I did not observe any leak when using regular online tests but I would like to know if my traffic may have been exposed.


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It is data leak on ipv6. If you do not have ipv6 then it is OK.

My ISP does have ipv6 enabled, but I’m using openvpn with a commercial VPN provider that doesn’t support ipv6.

Therefore I assume that I would only have been leaking some local ipv6 chatter at worst to my local network, since my traffic is tunneled over ipv4 to the VPN provider.

I am not 100% sure that that is how it works though, hence the question.

Yes you are right.
Yes you are right.

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Is a 3.101 build available for testing/download for ar300m?

Or are there any mods I can do to disable ipv6 on ovpn interface (when I’m trying via luci I see it pops back up as soon as I reconnect to VPN?)

just curious, is this leak when using wireguard?