3.212 stable firmware for the AR750s

I downloaded the stable version of the AR750s 3.212 firmware and it has the file name:


This is the exact same file as 3.212 beta 3 version of the AR750s firmware. Is there no difference between the beta 3 release and the stable firmware release?

I’ll wait until this is clarified before downloading and updating - things are running ok so would hate to have the unit cause issues.

From the download page GL.iNet download center
The hash of release and beta3 are different.

But here is how it works: firmware are pushed as snapshot or beta. Beta firmware goes to testing. Once test passed it will be moved to release directly.

I just checked and the beta 3 file I downloaded on 12-Apr-22 matches the current stable released file, in both name and checksum. Today I downloaded the AR750 beta 3 file, again, and it has the same name and checksum as my other two downloaded files, but the checksum listed on your download page for this beta 3 version seems incorrect. I think there is something wrong with your download page for the beta 3 tar file, or maybe for the stable release. I am concerned with checksums don’t match what is stated.

Eric is right. Thanks for your feedback. The sha256 of ar750s beta3 is incorrect. I will follow up on this issue.