3D models of routers would be nice

Starlink provides 3D models of their equipment, I think it would be nice if GL inet did the same. I think more than a few customers would find it useful (I need to make a mount for a Beryl AX to mount in on an instrument panel on my boat. I can’t imagine it is much of a competative danger, if a competitor wanted to clone on of their routers, it isn’t that hard. I’m going to have to make a rough 3D model in order to make my mount.

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So here are some options:

Good idea, I’ll take a look. My point stands for the GL-Inet people. I think releasing models only has upsides.

Increasing the bulk completely defeats the idea of a portable travel router. “The smaller the better” applies to GL.iNet line.

What are you taking about? If you don’t understand, this is a snap-in mount for a vehicle. So I can snap it in place when I’m in the boat, and pull it out and go if I need to travel with it. It adds zero bulk.

Double sided adhesive velcro tape weighs next to nothing and adds no bulk whatsoever in my vehicle and does the job more than nicely instead of this complete gimmick. More plastic tat to fill our landfills.

I guess you know my needs and situation better than I do.


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