3G modem

Hi friends.

help me please to setup the 3G modem for the AR-150 router.
The model i use is Huawei E1550. Is works with another routers. But with that model it is just blinking blue color led. It can see the network, but can not connect to it. Any ideas what can i do with that?
Of course APN, login and password are correct.
Is there any compatibility problems with Russian mobile networks?

Help please!

Can you check the tty port you are using? If you used the wrong port, unplug the 3G modem then plug it in again to try another port.

Hi dear!

You were totally right. I set it to ttyUSB0 and it started to work correctly.
The next question is about network services.
Our mobile networks are not works in CDMA/EVDO. So the only way is to connect in WCDMA. It is the slowest 3G here.
Is there a chance to get it work in HSPDA (H, H+)?

Can you test the speed? I think the driver should support HSDPA already.

Done. The speed in speedtest is 1.4Mbit. In practice when downloading a file it is 200-240kb/s. It is surely 3G mode.

When working with H it should be about 600kb. In H+ about 1-1.5Mb.

Where can i check the service mode in formware? Maybe some logs?

And how can i forcibly set the service mode i need?

Seems you have to use some AT command. The following post contains some info.



Yes. Seems that i should use some AT command.

But how can i run that command and where?

Check the English instructions of our MiFi board, there is guidance of how to use AT command and capture the return value.