4.2.2 Beta1 - GL-X750 Extroot SD card


It looks like the 4.2.2 Beta1 on GL-X750 will not find/mount SD card to be used as /overlay (extroot) on LuCi.

As updating to 4.2.2 will leave us with almost no extra storage on GL-X750 to install extra plugin or features like AstroRelay, it is becoming crucial to be able to mount SD card and use it as extroot (/overlay).
looks like it doesn’t find SD card in the “Mounted file systems”.
any ideas?

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Can you find SD card devices in /dev?

Is that so?

That’s correct.
In 3.215 & 3.216, all needed to do after this stage was to Save&Apply, then Reboot the router to have the SD card as /overlay extroot storage.
But in 4.2.2 Beta1, after Reboot, nothing is happening. It will show the SD card in your screenshot, but it does nothing to apply it as /overlay.

As you can see it shows SD card in Mount Points and you can set as /overlay, but after reboot, it doesn’t show as “mounted” in “Mounted file systems”, and it doesn’t activate the extroot.

Is it something can be fixed in the next Snapshot build?