4.x firmware for Brume MV1000W - no W features

For v3 firmware the MV1000 and MV1000W share the same fw image. Meaning there is no MV1000W download available. There is only GL.iNet download center and the images there are for the MV1000 and the MV1000W combined.

Both v4 snapshots can be applied to MV1000W but no wireless features / drivers seem to be installed. It effectively turns MV1000W into MV1000.

I observe this in 4.3.2 snap

and 4.2.2 snap

Feature or bug ?

Because there is nothing in beta tree I am not even sure this is worth reporting as snaps are what they are :slight_smile:

The wifi of MV1000W is not ported to 4.x yet.