4g Smart router will not work. Will not go into uboot per instructions

So I stopped even trying to use this after all the issues I had last time. Figure 4 months goes by and will try again. I turn it on. nothing. Turns on but no wifi signal.

I plug it in and stuck on identifying internet. I googled everything. I just see responses to go into uboot and try that. Nothing there. It does not flash whatsoever. just turns on regardless how long reset button is pressed.

Im starting to believe i was sold a broken unit.

Im going to have to leave a negative review and encourage people not to purchase this product. This is nothing but headaches… instead of developing more products you should get the ones you have working without issues.

Hi @jasonb, sorry for missed this post.

Thanks for your suggestions. I assume you have returned the device and no need to work out.

Actually the uboot on this device is very robust and should not be a problem.