5G WiFi missing

My 5g wifi keeps micro dropping, like drop for a second or two and then it ok for a minute then it drops again for a second or two rinse repeat.

Tried to fix that issue in Luci after doing some forum reading but I broke 5G wifi, it is not working or showing up in Beryl basic interface, just the 2.4G wifi, no 5G wifi tab at all. IT also says wireless is not associated so I think that is the problem?

See pics below

Main computer is connected via ethernet but my homepod mini not working anymore, before that it would micro disconnect but I know it not my homepod cos my phone is also on wifi when Iā€™m home and it micro disconnects as well when playing Tennis Clash

I think the config is messed up. Resetting the firmware should fix it

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Ok that did fix it all up for me

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