5Ghz dropping sporadically on GL-AR750S-Ext

My GL-AR750S-Ext router is dropping the internet connection every so often when connected over 5Ghz. Meanwhile the 2.4Ghz connection is reliable, even when then 5Ghz band is not connecting to the internet.
What might the cause be?

Are you using 5G as repeater?

Can you give log using “logread” via ssh?

I am also suffering huge problems with 5Ghz on my GL-AR750S with firmware version 3.104.

  1. At some point the firmware changed the router settings, there used to be options for 5Ghz and 5Ghz-Guest but now only the option for 5Ghz-Guest exists.

  2. I have one device that requires 5Ghz so I switched on Guest. When both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz antenna are active the router crashes continually. The router is unusable.

  3. Ok, I thought … I will just move all devices onto the 5Ghz band and turn off the 2.4Ghz antenna. This works fine … however, now I cannot access the web admin page for the router. I’m guessing the Guest access blocks access to the admin page?

I would appreciate someone from support replying with directions on how to access the router settings through Guest wifi, I have tried to access the router via SSH but I am being blocked.

Can you try changing another good power adapter to see if it solves the issue?

One adapter for smartphones should be good.

About 1, can you give a screenshot


Just a quick couple of thoughts.

  1. As @alzhao says re power (at least 5V/2A)
  2. Can you connect via ethernet cable?
  3. I’ve been doing some work with Amazon returns for the guys and where I’ve had issues with devices doing weird things with firmwares like changing/losing/not keeping setting my first course of action is to to a uboot recovery to get things “back to basic”. Of course this loses any changes you might have made to the unit but if it’s borked now, sometimes easier and faster to start from scratch than try and fix :frowning:

As I say just a few thoughts and experiences :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info @limbot! (great name by the way :slight_smile:)

The power issue is interesting, I am currently just plugged into a spare USB slot off the main router so that could indeed be the issue. Will try a dedicated wall plug in the future.

I don’t have an ethernet dongle for my computer so will do a factory reset on the device at some stage and update here with the results.

Hi @alzhao, please see the screenshot below. There used to be an option for 5Ghz, now it seems to only be available for Guest. Is this a software change or is there something weird with my device settings?

Just a further update for anyone seeing the same problem. I did a factory reset and now the 5Ghz is available and stable. I’m not sure what happened but possibly some settings or software causing problems over time. It was a shame to lose my previous config but it is the first factory reset in probably 3 years so I can’t complain, I still love my little AR750S :slight_smile:

I have to say that I didn’t see such problem before. Unfortunately you have reset and I cannot find out the reason. It should be some problem in wireless config.

thanks for the feedback though.

I am using it as access point / router connected to the modem.
My devices are connected via Ethernet, 2.4g and 5g.
Ethernet is reliable. 2.4g mostly. 5g is so unreliable it’s not usable.
The device has been in use for just a few months.
It is powered via the dedicated 5v2a psu that came with it when I bought it.

Can you try another power adapter? One made for smartphone is fine.