6416 tor firmware

Hello, I have a GL.iNet 6416 router, installed firmware TOR 1.3, there is a wi fi network TOR and OpenWRT, OpenWRT has Internet, and a TOR and LAN network without internet access. Sometimes the TOR network starts to work, but after that it happens I do not know, and it works until the power is turned off on the router, when I turn on the power of the Internet only on Openwrt. tor and lan do not work! Sometimes the lan network works, and the tor network does not work, even if I wait for 10 minutes nothing changes, the green and orange diode flashes on the router. I have two 6416 routers and both are the same! Tell me how to get him to work right after being included in the network without dancing with a tambourine.

I don’t understand what you mean by turn on power.

About Tor network, can you ssh to the router and get the log of tor?

logread | grep Tor