6416 v2.264 - OPENVPN - VPNSecure

Hi, VPNSecure working on 6416 OPENVPN client?
I have required .crt, .key , pem and ovpn files but I don’t know how to use them, and how to edit the ovpn files with “askpass” switch [Cannot connect to VPN with MT300n-v2].
Thanks in advance.

Cheers Raphael

I asked the customer support to generate a .ovpn that these devices can take, copying and tweaking for different servers once I knew it worked. Looking at a final .ovpn file through Notepad, the structure seems to be as such:

  1. OVPN parameters
  2. ca: copied and pasted from my .ca file
  3. key: (labeled RSA Private Key – different from the .key I can download myself, might be the reason I don’t have to use askpass)
  4. cert: copied and pasted from my .cert file

Hi, thanks a lot doujinflip. You do not have to type the password? Customer support gave you a modified file and then you apply the modified to the others ovpn files.

Thanks a lot for your help. Cheers Raphael