750M - Bridging?


I am looking for help with bridging on the 750M Travel Router.

In a perfect world, I would have two 750M routers and they would be linked via 5G. All of the LAN ports would pass messages to each other on the same subnet, as well as pass messages across wifi to other devices on the LAN ports on the second or third routers.

To start experimenting, I was disappointed to see that I could not even ping a device from one LAN port to the next in the default configuration. Has anyone else had this issue? In other words, I have my laptop on LAN port 1 and another device on LAN port 2 that responds to pings when directly cabled into the laptop. When I put the router in the middle, I would expect that the LAN ports would relay ping messages to other devices, as if they were connected via a hub or switch.

Can someone tell me how to make sure that the LAN ports communicate with each other as if the device was a hub or switch? The devices in question all are on the same subnet as the router itself and the configuration page is available from either device on either LAN port, but the devices themselves cannot talk to each other.

Taking this setup one step further, I would love to fold the WAN port into the LAN bridge, if I can in fact get those two LAN ports talking to each other.

Lastly, I would love to link together two or three of these 750M routers to create a large LAN with some wireless connections, but every device on every ethernet port is all on the same subnet and they can all pass messages to each other as necessary.

I saw advanced configuration screens on the router that made note of bridging and the spanning tree protocol, but I was not able to even get my first task accomplished, which is simply having two devices on the LAN ports talk to each other directly.

Any help is much appreciated! John

Maybe you are using and old firmware. If you are using V2.27 you should be able to ping between two LAN ports. If you upgrade from older firmware to v2.27 already, pls try to reset the firmware and start again.

To link two or 3 routers, and create a subnet, you need to use one router as main router, then use another router as WDS client.

alzhao, I upgraded the firmware to V2.27 on the 750M router and I still cannot ping devices across the LAN port.

I am able to ping the router from each device. I am also able to ping one laptop from the other when I plug in the exact same cables to a regular hub.

However, I can ping another laptop if one is connected via 5G and the other is connected via LAN. I still cannot ping either device across the LAN port.

Lastly, I can ping another laptop if cone is connected via 5G wifi and the other is connected via via 2G wifi. Only the LAN ports do not seem to bridge properly, even with V2.27 firmware.

Any other recommendations are very much appreciated! Regards, John

UPDATE: alzhao, I was able to bridge the LAN and WAN port by setting WAN to “DHCP Client” and adding the WAN port to the bridge under the physical setting of the LAN interface settings.

So finally can the device on LAN ping each other?

If you upgrade from old firmware but reserved the settings, ping each other in LAN may not work. You need to reset your firmware, clean everything and try again. V2.27 should solved the LAN ping problem.

I did not notice the “Keep Settings” button when I upgraded the firmware. I will upgrade again tomorrow and make sure it does not try to keep any of the previous settings. Thank you!

Hello Alzhao,

With the firmware upgrade (2.27) and uncheck “Keep Settings” the LAN ports now communicate.

The next thing I would like to do is have the LAN ports on two different 750M units communicate over wifi using WDS AP+Client. I have set the IP address of each 750M to something different, but on same Class C subnet. I changed one to Access Point (WDS) and the other to Client (WDS) and gave them the same SSID and the same passkey.

I cannot ping a device from one LAN port to the other LAN port.

Is this possible? I would very much like to create a bridge between the two devices so the LAN is one big extended wireless subnet that goes back to Ethernet on each side.

Thank you,


Hi John,

As I understand you used two AR750 to create WDS network. The device on one LAN cannot ping device on another’s LAN, right?

The WDS connection is on 2.4G or 5G wifi? If you set up WDS you don’t really to set up IP address on the WDS client.

Is the Internet working on both routers? If network setup is correct I don’t see there is a reason this cannot work.

Hello alzhao,

These routers will not be connected to the internet. it is an offline subnet where we only need the 750M modules to be a “wireless” ethernet cable between the LAN ports on the two devices.

We use 5G to try to connect with WDS.

If we bridge the AP + Client with WDS, it would seem that the IP address for each device must be unique, as it would be one big subnet. To get back into the configuration pages, we would have to have separate distinct IP addresses for each device, yes?

I will try 5G WDS and I will let you know if I can ping the devices on each LAN port on the WDS bridged devices.

Thank you,


If you just have one DHCP server in your big subnet, all the devices should get unique IP address.

Is it working now?