750s ext received and new vpn provider

Ive got my new router. Very nice little box to look at. Wired it up and logged in. Its not compatible with chrome browser. When you go to “more settings” you only see the top options. When you log in using edge browser a scroll bar appears allowing access to more options.

750s > wan port > ethernet cable > isp router lan port > dmz zone

Setup wifi quickly. Setup PIA in vpn client and it works fine.

Setup Azirevpn wireguard client by simply putting in my user pass into “others” tab.
Internet browsing works but some apps dont work. Streaming movie apps fail to show any servers. Torrents work up and down.

Should i have set up wireguard like this? Obviously im missing something or there be no problems. Ive tried disabling the firewall and on the isp router its in the dmz zone. Any tips or help? I will continue googling but i think i might have to factory reset and follow the guide on there page.

Eh? That’s the only browser I use. Which device (phone, tablet, laptop) and OS are you using Chrome on?

Im using windows 10 x64 legit and up to date with latest chrome browser Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) . Scroll bar appears in edge.

I have NO experience with Windows … but have you tried unmaximizing the browser?

I have tried disabling all extensions. The only way to get the lower options on screen is to zoom out which is not much help when i have bad eye sight. Its no big deal. Getting azirevpn wireguard running for purpose is.

I mean “making the browser less than maximized”, which isn’t related to any extensions.

Make the window smaller, yes same problem.

OK, I just made my Chrome window much smaller and tried what you did. Try using the wheel while hovered over the left-side panel, it’ll scroll. Page Up/Page Down/Arrow Up/Arrow Down work too if there’s available text to scroll (i.e., if “More Settings” is expanded).

And you’re right, that small I didn’t see a scrollbar on the left side panel.

No wheel on my laptop but up and down arrows work if some text is selected within that menu area. Wierd how the scroll bar doesnt show though in chrome.

… aaaand when you handle this problem, change the browser to new Firefox, to bypass the problem of “WebRTC leak” - just google it out for yourself :slight_smile:

Think i got while until i get to that point. I updated it and now i got no gl-int gui. Straight into luci.
Whats the fix for this problem? Ive tried a factory reset.

Looks like a cache issue. Did you do a firmware update at any point on the router?
If yes, then you need to go into chrome settings and clear the cache.

You was right. I cleared the cache and it worked.

Ive got wireguard working properly. My mistake was having PIA openvpn profile stored. Since i done a clean install having azirevpn wireguard as the only profile stored on the router it works fine. I was going to put the socks5 proxy on but couldnt see where to put it in gli net gui. I could put it in the luci gui but i cant be bothered. It all works how i want.

Love GL-inet routers =)

Just want to confirm that Wireguard for AzireVPN works without problem?

Don’t know why it has some relationship with OpenVPN. You cannot enable both at the same time so I think they don’t interfere with each other.

Since setting up as a clean install ive had no problems. Ive even restarted the isp router and wireguard client auto reconnects to azirevpn wireguard. When i setup all i done for wireguard was put my username and password into the others tab. It downloaded and done the settings for me. Then I manually configured the DNS. After that I done the wifi to how i want it. No problems.
Done dns leak checks and ipchicken test. All looks good. Speeds are good.
Im glad i done the 2 year deal on Azirevpn now.

If there is any specific test you want me to run let me know and i will give it a go.