802.11r Fast Transition

Hi, I received a gl-mt1300 today and wanted to enable fast transition with the access points, but it seems luci was removed. any suggestion on how to configure 802.11r on beryl?

You can install Luci from Applications → Plugins. Do update, search for Luci and install it :slight_smile:

There are extensive guides for most things on the docs site:

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no idea why I didn’t think on searching for Luci there, thanks!

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Hi, I finally went back to setting up this gl-mt1300, set it in access point mode and installed luci to set roaming (802.11r) on the wifi. To my surprise luci sees both wifi interfaces as disabled and to enable them it only lets me choose WEP… I don’t understand what’s going on.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that the MTK wireless is not supported in Luci. You should only configure it via the GL UI.

@alzhao Can you confirm?

You are totally correct.

With openwrt snapshot, I used to be able to get a working 2.4ghz and 5ghz network. Last time I used, I only got 2.4 Ghz.

very frustrating for a product advertised for its openwrt support

so going back to the original question I looked at the uci commands done by luci on another platform and mimic them:

uci set 'wireless.wifinet0.ft_over_ds=0'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet0.mobility_domain=1234'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet0.ft_psk_generate_local=1'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet0.ieee80211r=1'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet1.ft_over_ds=0'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet1.mobility_domain=1234'
uci set 'wireless.wifinet1.ft_psk_generate_local=1'                                                                                                        
uci set 'wireless.wifinet1.ieee80211r=1'
uci commit

wifi down; wifi up doesn’t seems supported so I rebooted.

any suggestion on how to check if it actually enabled 802.11r on this gl-mt1300?