802.11r FT on GL-AXT1800?

Hi, I’d like to know if this 802.11r works on the Slate AX before buying.

And if so, would inter-operate with an older implementation (Slate)?

And in fact, are the Slate AX Wifi drivers native (like on the Slate) where pretty much everything can be configured and controlled on Luci, as opposed to Beryl’s which were a closed box and at the end of the day could be configured only with the GL interface (and 802.11r was dropped due to buggy).


Beryl has a new open source driver in V4.x beta.

GL-AXT1800(Mine is running firmware 4.1.0 release6)
wpad-openssl is installed and is the only available package
I have not personal tried fast roaming.

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Driver support for 802.11r in AXT1800.

@K3rn3l_Ku5h Thanks for the response and special thanks for the tip on the Beryl! Let me tell you if you have the need and the hardware, this roaming thing rocks. Silky smooth.

@yuxin.zou thanks! :tada: now I need to save some money to be able to buy 3 of those but details details… :slight_smile: