802.11r FT on GL-MT1300 (Beryl)?


At home I have a couple of GL-AR750S (Slate) at different locations and I was able to succesfully configure 802.11r so when I move from one side of the house to the other, video calls do not temporarily drop for example (while it reconnects to the new/nearest/strongest AP).

Now I have a couple of MT1300 (Beryl) that I am going to set up at the office, and I wonder if I can do the same thing.

It is known that there is no Wireless configuration via LuCI for Beryl because there is no open source driver for its wifi hardware.

The question is: Is it in the plans somewhere to support configuring/enabling 802.11r FT using the GL.iNET UI? Is it even possible?


The feature is supported in the wifi driver. But I still do not know how to configure this.

I have called developer to get an answer.

Thanks for checking, hopefully something can be done.

For reference, this is the setup I have with the pair of slates

Hi, any (very good) news about this? The 802.11r for Beryl :slight_smile:

Sorry still no feedback.

@alzhao ping :grimacing:

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We are debugging the wifi driver recently. Not much progress on the 802.11r because of priority. But I pushed internally.

Any update on this?

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@HarvsG I don’t think it is going to happen. It has been a while and they have new products and new releases on their pipeline → their plate is full and even though they upgraded the Wifi driver (for the Beryl) it is still unusable/unconfigurable from Luci.

I feel this driver is too much of a “closed box” than anything. Besides, 802.11r or meshing whatever-that-is is not an advertised feature for the Beryl, so no obligation there.

I have two Beryls on the very basic “same SSID same password” configuration and well, it works. It takes about 5 sec for devices to move from one to the other but I do that more for fall back than anything else.

@alzhao I really hope they don’t use that same Wifi hardware/firmware/driver/whatever on future products, but for this scenario I have given up.

Incidentally, the implementation of this 802.11r on the Slate (750S I think) is excellent, complete and rock solid in my opinion. Completely transparent roaming.

Sorry I didn’t report back. 802.11r feature on MT1300 wifi driver is buggy and we decided not to add it.