About Flint ...

I received a router with alikspres today. The router will constantly reconnect to the network. I have a DHCP connection. I called the provider, checked the cable, through the connection to the system unit. Everything is fine. But as soon as I connect the wire to the router, the network appears and disappears. The provider said that the port may not be working correctly. The provider sees my router at home, but at me he constantly does not see the network and reconnects. I have the latest firmware, did not include ipv6, did not include adguard home either. Sorry for my English.

My flint works great I only had one problem when I tried to change the Mac it would not show wifi I had to revert the firmware.

I solved the problem by accident. I copied the DHCP settings and pasted them into the Static settings and hurray the router started working.
If anyone else has the same problem that I had, then I recommend this solution.

I have same problem like that. Flint not stable i need to restart my flint everytime if i have network problem to fix that issue. What i see if i have that problem my memory used more than 90%. Why the flint use too much memory only more than one day the memory used from 60% go to 90%? You can see from my screenshot. And I always use adguardhome

I will try to set my flint to static