AC1200 Unable to connect to WiFi as repeater


I just bought Opal and was trying to connect it to my home wifi as repeater, but I couldn’t establish a connection. The finds my network by the connection cannot be established and I see time out error in the web gui. The router successfully connects to the hotspot from my phone. So it seems to be something in the configuration of my network that causes trouble.

I tried to check the log (with log level = 2) but I couldn’t find any reasonable error messages.

I also own Beryl and it successfully connects to my home WiFi without any problem.

Could it be a problem in the firmware from Opal? I’ve noticed that Beryl is using OpenWrt version 19 while Opal is on version 18.

Will Opal be upgraded to OpenWRT version 19 or should I by Beryl instead due to better support?


What I would do in your case is to revert the firmware and to try again. This is what I did with my Mudi and worked fine.

What is the channel and encryption of your network?