Acces to LAN of Wireguard-client. AR300m lite, V3.005

Hello. I have 2 pieces of ar300m lite. I made a Wireguard-server on router B and a Wireguard-client on router A. Router A - Internet via 4g lte, providers NAT .LAN, wg Router B has static external address, wg and lan I use v3.005 firmware. I need to access or redirect the port to the network behind router A. But I do not understand, how can i do it. I will be grateful for any ideas from you

There are two steps you have to do on router B.

  1. Add to WireGuard Allowed-ips filed.
  2. Add static route, such as ip route add dev wg0 proto static scope link.

Perhaps I did not exactly explain. I need to open access from the network (B) to the network (A)

I am sorry for my mistake. You have to ssh to router B, edit the /etc/config/wireguard_server. Please add this line to peers section.

option subnet ""

Finally, restart WireGuard server on WebUI.