Access lan resource from wifi


I just received my GL-B1300 and got things connected. I’ve updated the firmware to 3.104.

My printer is connected via ethernet (as are a few other devices) and my laptop is connected via wireless. All devices are on the 192.168.8.x subnet. I can access the internet from both wireless and wired devices.

My issue is I am unable to print, and in fact, unable to access any wired resource from any wireless device. No ping, ssh, scp, etc. (Same is true in reverse as I can not access the laptop’s ip address from a wired device).

I’m assuming its a simple configuration change that’s required to allow access, but I’ve not found it.

Can you tell me where to look?


Is your clients on wireless on the guest wireless by chance or are they all on the same subnet?

If same subnet, after you ping a host, does arp -a show the mac address for the host?

Guest WiFi is disabled. DNS is working but the packets do not seem to be able to get to destination and back:

2016MBP $ ping Precision-7520-wl
PING precision-7520-wl.lan ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1

2016MBP $ arp -a
precision-7520-wl.lan ( at (incomplete) on en0 ifscope [ethernet]

I was able to get things to work this morning by adding the ‘wan’ network to the wireless configuration for each radio. I’m not sure that is correct but it does work.

When I look at Interfaces - LAN / Common Configuration / Physical Settings, I see that there is a checkmark next to eth1, and both wireless networks (not the wireless guest networks that are disabled anyway). I would have expected this to be the correct way to get wifi clients to be able to talk to eth1 clients.


I should mention that I found those settings under the advanced section under the openwrt luci GUI.

Hmm sounds like your ports config must be awry.

You should prob dedicate some of the ports to the LAN and only allow the wifi to communicate with hosts connected to the LAN interfaces vice versa and not the WAN for security purposes.

I was going to do a factory reset and try again as this should just work out of the box, but my kids were in school from home and I could not yank it out from under them. So I thought I’d just remove the wan network from the WiFi interfaces (for security concerns). I did so and things are now working as expected. Not sure why previously did not work and now it is but I’m good.