Access list of devices affected by VPN policy mode?


router: GL-MT6000 (Flint 2)
version: 4.5.6

When I setup VPN policy mode and choose ‘Based on the Client Device’ I get to choose which client devices should be affected and if they should be routed over VPN or WAN.

Is there a way to access this GUI (to change devices) without changing to another policy mode and then back again? That’s the only way I’ve found to access the list of devices affected by the policy. Maybe there’s a button somewhere I’ve missed?




within the description of the policy there is a link. This allows you to access the config screen directly.

In this mode, only the traffic of certain local client devices defined by MAC address can access the VPN. Only one VPN client instance can be activated.

Thanks, there’s no separate link in v4.5.6, just the text and main link to the setup page.

But that setup page is only reachable the first time you chose this policy mode. Next time you click on it the policy mode choice popup closes, it doesn’t show the setup page where you can change participating devices.

I guess this is a bug then?

Eh, I am using 4.5.6 as well and the link is there:

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Thanks, I looked at the text inside the policy choice box. Not on the front page. Found it and it works. :slight_smile:

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