Access point for non-801.1x devices

Hello. I am exploring the GL-MT300N-V2 and GL-AR300M to create a local access point. I have access to a wireless 801.1x (WAP Enterprise) network as a user and am looking to provide create an access point so my non 801.1x chromecast and other devices can connect on a private network while providing a layer of privacy for my mobile and desktop. Before I purchase, can anyone advise whether they have are successfully doing this. Many thanks.

Should be able to do this under the advanced settings (the OpenWRT LUCI interface) - the GL-iNet WebGUI assumes WPA-Personal with pre-shared keys.

There’s more than a couple of ways to do WPA-Enterprise, some with certificates…

Note - if you’re in a corp environment - many Wireless LAN Controllers will do rogue AP detection, as this can be viewed as a potential security issue, so step carefully lest you end up in one of those intense one-on-one sessions with IT and Human Resources, along an an opportunity for a resume update…

Please mind the MT300N-V2 uses closed driver, so it doesn’t support EAP, while AR300M supports it.

If you buy AR300M, you might need to upgrade to v3.x firmware, which supports to connect an EAP hotspot simply.

Hi. This is helpful. Cisco published an article specifically about this for practical purposes for peripherals and other devices you need to operate. Whether you are an administrator or user, you need a bridge to enable them to connect to work such as a wireless printer.

Hi @kyson-lok. I appreciate this feedback as it better informs me which unit to purchase. I have flashed different devices in the past.