Access Point mode shouldn't be invisible?

Hello community,
I own the GL-iNet ART750S router and my question is this:
on the web UI, I connect the GL-iNet to another router in order to extend the range, and in the Network Mode tab, I activate the Access Point mode.
Why the GL-iNet network is still available on the Wi-Fi list on a computer?
As an access point, shouldn’t the GL-iNet be supposed to disappear, to be invisible, in order to move freely in its area knowing that it is already connected to the router that has been extended?
Why do I connect to GL-iNet Wi-Fi in order to reach the main router?

I think you are confusing Access Point with Extender mode.

Yes, you are right, I meant Extender.
So the GL router still remains a router even connected as a Wifi extension. So that, every time I move between areas I have to change the Wifi network, is it correct?

My understanding leaving it in Access Point mode (creates a new wireless or in this case the GL-iNet network). Extender will copy all the settings of the network you are extending.

I can confirm that also in Extender mode, the GL remains a separate network even connected to another network.
Thanks a lot for your help.