Access to LTE dongle admin page

I have a Huawei e8372 dongle which is supported through tethering mode. My AR300M’s ip is and I have set ip address of the dongle to I have internet access but I’m not able to access the dongle’s admin page through that address. Can you please help?

You should change AR300M’s IP to or other IP. Don’t use the same subnet as Huawei.

Thanks. If I choose a different subnet for the Huawei, should I set the AR300M’s default gateway to the Huawei’s ip address? Sorry for my newbie questions.

You don’t need to change gateway. It is give by DHCP from the huawei device.

You change LAN IP of AR300M and nothing can affect gateway settings.

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Thanks for your excellent support.

Sometime it’s just doesn’t give you admin access because you under VPN and just turn it off or switch to visual task tips and you’ll be good.

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