Access to my nas from the internet via 4G GL-X750


I would like to access from the internet to my NAS (in https and ftp) via his DDNS address “”.
I configured the ports of the NAS https in 7980 and ftp in 7981.
The NAS has an OVH DDNS enabled and marked as operational at the NAS interface.
My NAS access the internet via the 4G network of the “GL-X750 4G LTE Smart Router”.

IP address of the router: / 24
IP address of the NAS: / 24

I can access my NAS via the address (locally), but not via the DDNS address “” either locally or via the internet.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

please refer the docs to check your settings.thanks


I activated the service, but I can not connect remotely.

Thank you