Access to UI and network configuration

I just received my new GL-MT2500 Brume 2.
I just configured language and vpn client via an ethernet connection to a pc.
To test the connection I used USB tethering, and everything works.
Then, I tested this scenario: WAN port connected to LAN on my home DSL wifi router, LAN port connected to my IP TV: everything works just fine.

The real scenario I would like to implement is the following:
1- WAN port connected to my home DSL wifi router
2- LAN port connected to my home NAS
3- NAS web interface and FTP server accessible from remote (I use No-IP, currently).
4- NAS visible by my existing LAN via wifi

The Brume 2 has a pre-configured IP: My DSL router has
The NAS is/was
When I check the device connected to my DSL router, I see the Brume 2 as

How can I access the web UI of Brume 2 via local wifi connection through my DSL router?
And how can I make my NAS visible to the rest of the LAN on my DSL router?

Then, I suppose I have to do some additional port forwarding to access from remote my NAS, something like my-address-onNOIP:port1 → (on DSL router) port1 to mybrumeIP:port2 → (on Brume 2) port2 → myNASIP:webinterfaceport. Right?

Thank you very much!

As shown below: the following ports can be opened,you can access via web.

Yes, You can do this by creating port mappings in DSL and Brume respectively.

thank you very much, I’m going to try it now.