Accessing computer's SMB over OpenVPN (GL-AR750)


I have a GL-AR750 running as an OpenVPN server. My chromebook, iPhone and Android phones all successfully connect thru it using OpenVPN clients, so OpenVPN is working fine.

I have a Mac Mini with a shared drive hard-wired to the GL-AR750 (behind the VPN) and I’d like my OpenVPN clients (chromebook, iPhone, Android) to be able to reach that Mac Mini’s shared drive to open PDFs.

I’m pretty sure I just need to add a routing rule somewhere, but not sure how/where?

I have no idea how to do this on a Mac but on my Windows computer I had to go into advanced firewall settings and add the VPN subnet to the SMB settings/rules.

FYI: the Certa is capable of breaching 85 Mbps over WireGuard when hard wired w/ Cat 5.

I’ve only ever hit 35 Mbps out of OVPN… as a client.

If you use 3.x firmware, please turn on Access Local Network.
If you use 4.x firmware, please turn on Allow Remote Access LAN.