Accessing Mesh Network Externally


I have about 9 GL-AR300M-ext routers setup in a mesh network. What I would like to do is to be able to access this mesh network without having to connect one of these routers to my PC and be in range of the network. Would I be able to take one of these routers, connect our corporate network to the WAN port of that router, and be able to access that mesh network from our corporate network? Would we need to set up specific port forwarding rules or a VPN to access the mesh?

You can setup VPN client on that gateway router, to join in your corporate VPN network, then mesh network can be accessed.

We actually we’re looking into that approach, but in a different manner. This makes much more sense, but I don’t think we can get the necessary VPN connection information. We were trying to leverage connecting our Network to the WAN port, which can get us to the router, but not to the rest of the mesh. Could a combination of the 2 work, or some way the WAN connection can be forwarded to the rest of the mesh?

trying using our s2s solution. You need one AR300M in your mesh network and connect to s2s.

Thank you! Unfortunately, our corporate network is stopping goodcloud from loading completely. I’ll see if I can get it to load up, somehow. Are there any other ideas? I am working on a long term solution to allow such devices on our network, but I have no definitive time line on when/if that will happen.