Accessing new router

An oddity I face each time I configure a new gl.inet is the three step process that never works no matter which browser I use. It always stops at the set password prompt and nothing more happens. This happens on all of the gl.inet units I have worked with.

The only way I can prep the unit is to log in using wireless on another computer which is a big waste of time.

How can I get direct LAN/WAN access so that I can enable ssh so that I can copy my own firmware onto the new device?

This is so strange because they is not the case here. Can you tell me what is the firmware version in case you still met this.

You can use luci directly and it also has interface to flash you firmware.

Never works right, no matter which model, MT300N, V1, V2, AR150, AR300, all act the exact same way. No idea of the firmware since they are gone now.