Accessing USB from GLI-AR150 - OpenWrt 2.19

Hello there,

I just got my first router and I decided to figure it out how to make it work, but I’m getting trouble (excuse my noob level on this).

I got to the graphical interface of Gli with OpenWrt, but as I’m connecting a usb device, I can only watch and download the content from it,

I would like it to be interpreted in the browser. When I’m getting to dev/ or etc/ I’m getting permanent redirections to a page that keeps refreshing.

It might be a permission control, but no way to find out were to edit that.

I tried several formats for the usb from NTFS to Ext4 and Fat, but nothing comes up.

I’m not getting much help on the OpenWrt tuto, since I’m stuck on the graphical interface of gl.inet.

What would be the adress of the content ? Because I observed the code getting the downloading part ( href=‘javascript:downloadContent(“/mnt/srvmxm/index.html”)’ but no way to acess it without having those anoying refreshing redirections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

thanks !