Accounts not seemless

Hi There,
Few things happening when trying to get registered to us the GL.Inet app on Android for connecting with the Slate.

Yes I am using the newest app and not the old one used with Mudi.

Question: is the user for the forum (here) and the app the same user? Or different databases/different user? Because it certainly seems like they’re reading out of the same data table. Continually does not recognize user/pass from the app

When I attempt to create a new user it needs to send a verification code as part of the sign up process. That code is never sent. Tried different email addresses and turned any firewall off.

I am unable to register and access the gl-inet app on Android. Looking for guidance.

No, they are different users. The user from App and is same user.

Can your check junk email?

Thank you for the response .
I am still attempting to access the app without luck on my Android phone latest updates.

It continues to say user /pass not found if I try to reset the password or ask for the verification never. I have yet to see the verification code after many attempts. Not in junk or spam

Maybe you can sign up or reset password with Web, and log in on the App?