Add-In Browser for Hotel Portals

I am looking at replacing my old travel router with a Beryl or similar. My main use is in hotels with Captive Portals. I’ve read the various methods, but it seems to me the proper long-term solution is to add a browser into the router so that Beryl or others can satisfy the Captive Portals request directly and natively. That way no more Cloning MAcAddress and the like. WISP Mode might then just work , straight afterwards

How open is the framework to having a mini Browser ? Perhaps something like NYXT which very lightweight ?


That is actually one fantastic idea and suggestion. Hope developers seriously look into implementing this feature soon.

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I thought about the same a while back and maybe a front-end UI (web-based or app-based) to curl could be developed. I believe OpenWrt itself is a text-based (as is Linux).

OpenWrt has a Travelmate package that has Captive Portal Auto-Login capability through some scripts, but I have not tried it:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Is there any possible movement on this? I am currently on a camping site (within an old farm so I cannot imagine their wifi setup to be too sophisticated) without being able to connect my Beryl AX to the WiFi despite, once again, trying everything in the book including all sorts of DNS setups, MAC cloning and randomising, connecting 5ghz or 2.4ghz as well as using stable, beta and snapshots versions of the firmware with factory resets in between. Luckily all my other devices have connected with no issues whatsoever including a laptop, Firestick (even this opens up its own browser page for the captive portal) and smartphones with no problems at all (every other device worked the first time on entering a code into the captive portal page) as they fortunately allowed me to connect up to 9 devices for the same fee. I am this close to chucking the Beryl AX in the nearest rubbish bin.

I’d love to see this implemented too. The routers just can’t function as proper travel devices, which is a shame. Some sort of basic browser support just for captive portals would be massively helpful.

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I had forgotten about this, as I have not stayed in a hotel with a portal for a few months now. I’ve looked at my notes, and and wonder if an alternative, and perhaps easier method for GL-inet might be to arrange a proxy on a different port . The kind of thing where
USER Device Port 8080 <> Beryl Proxy <> Beryl’s Outfacing WiFi Port 80 <> Hotel WiFi

This has been on their research list since March 2021 - and as the primary purpose of a Travel Router is to use while travelling in hotels , you would think this goes to the top of their priority list.

Best would of course be an inbuilt Browser and the ability to use VNC or similar to access it. That would make sure that ANY kind of future captive portal could be handled as a browser was making direct connection as the Hotel would like.