Add libnetfilter_queue to build or as module

I have done a build of the MT300v2 with apparent success. I don’t believe libnetfilter_queue is built into my target based on this:

steve@steve-pc-manjaro openwrt-master]$ find . -name “libnetfilt*” -print

but clearly it is around to be used. How do I put it in or better still, just build the module and dynamically insert it on bootup?


Maybe it is inside of anther module. What is your point to separate it into one module itself?

Hi alzhao,

I’d rather put a kernel module on a USB drive and load it dynamically than build a whole new firmware and take a chance on creating new problems or making a mistake that means I have to unbrick the device. I have
been able to add to the kernel at this point anyway. But I’d still prefer dynamic.

I’ve solved all of my problems by building the MT300v2 from the profile and then taking the bin file apart with 7z and copying over what I need by hand using scp. That stops me from having to do a firmware load which I don’t want to do. One thing I wonder is that I don’t find the web images when I extract the bin file made by make. All those images that make up the webGUI are not there. I don’t care because I’m not using a custom firmware image as I explained above but where are they I wonder?

Also I no longer need to dynamically load modules although that might have been an interesting exercise.