Adding external antennas to the GL-XE3000 issue. Correct SMA adapters confusion

CONTEXT: This can be skipped and go directly to the problem, just here for context. We have a very minimum platform (20"w x 20"l x 48"h server rack) production recording platform (I hesitate to call it a studio) That we can run 8 cameras of various types (PTZ PoE, NDI/SDI/HDMI, WiFi, etc.) with video and audio switches/boards, router, PC, etc. This allows us to go into small venues and much large open air venues and film. Now that all of the bugs are worked out of that - that we know of - we are ready to live stream. With a cable broadband modem/router within an appreciable distance that has presented no problem. However, I don’t feel comfortable relying on that for a variety of reasons. I don’t necessarily know how many other devices are using bandwidth, how much bandwidth is available via ISP, the owners permission to hook into it, their data plan limits, the alternatives to using a CAT6 cable to access the hard point are also questionable (P2P WiFi, extenders, access pints, etc.). However, I do feel comfortable with a dedicated 5G cellular connection and have tested that in most of the areas we would be setting up. So, the GL-XE3000 has been a great solution.

I want the added comfort of being able to hook an external MU-MIMO, or some configuration, of external antennas should that need arise. If at some point I find out that if that isn’t sufficient at a particular venue or place then I will tackle that problem then, but it doesn’t seem to be one in the foreseeable future.

Cellular technology is outside my wheel house. I’m learning, and by that I mean learning by the usual method - failing. I purchased 4 well reviewed omnidirectional 5G antennas, and 2 WiFI antennas. I realize now that I should have just purchased a 4x4 MU-MIMO antenna, but for reasons of aesthetics I haven’t. When I attempted to connect said cellular antennas with separately purchased cables I found out that 2 of the cellular connections were female and two were male. So, now I’m looking for the SMA adapters to hook up the two male connections on the router. As I said - humbly - this is not my area of expertise. I’m an IT guy, not a RF guy. I don’t know reverse polarity from polar bear polarity. I don’t think RP even enters the picture. I don’t know what adapters to even get.

I need 2 SMA adapters that will screw onto the two male connection points at the router and on the flip side be female that can be screwed onto. I have looked at them on Amazon until my eyes bled. Obviously the adapter needs to be female to female, and as you can ascertain I don’t even posses the correct vernacular to use the proper term other than ‘screw onto.’
So, when you are done laughing, and maybe telling your buddies, could I get a little help here?

SOLUTION: I am replying to my own post. I will leave this post so that in the future any other numb nuts idiot that may run into the same issue I had will at least get a solution, and if they are brave enough they will add a reply saying something along the lines of, “Gee, thanks I was having the same issue”, and can join my group that I will call the, “Ignorance is not always bliss club.”

I had assumed - No need to add the old adage about the word assume - incorrectly that the four antennas on the back of the GL-EX3000 were all of the cellular antenna connectors, and the two on the side were for Wi-fi. In my heroic efforts to solve this issue I first went to the specifications sheet which told me nothing, and then I did something very unconventional. I actually looked at the device where it plainly says that two of the four in the back of the device are Wi-fi, not cellular. once I had established this as the most likely cause of my issues, I corrected my connections - which now required no adapters - and I am back to getting my strong 5G connection. So let this post be a lesson because I guarantee someone else will come along with the same issue. Because it is not in our nature to read instructions or look for the obvious.

I would also like to suggest adding a new category called, “Stupid human questions” and let this be the very first post to that new and very educational thread of questions.

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Well it happens the best of us.

I’m tired of being the best!


Here are what I used with a Peplink 42G in our camper. Still finishing up the install, but don’t like the slow speed of the hardwired LAN ports versus the wifi 5ghz connection.

RP-SMA Male to SMA Female Adapter – and the opposite gender version Also 10 meter 2x2 mimo extension cables sma male to female from this website

For the side ports on the router to point the cables up.