Adding external Wifi Antenna to the Puli


ive bought a Puli to test as a replacement for the mifi, so far ive got our software semi working on it but we require an external antenna also

now on the original spec it was listed as an option but when i took it apart it seems they have used RF Test switches in place of actual receptacles on the wifi circuits.

this connector is the RF Switch ^
only thing i can think to do is solder bare ends onto the board

Yes you need to take off that connector and solder wires.

can you be more specific, as just removing the connector has not made much of a difference, so i need to remove any resistors before of after the rf switch?

or would it be easier to solder onto the board where the antenna is tracked out at the edge?

we have been offered a modification to give us this by Gl iNet buy with an MOQ of 500 et i cant see how this would be easily achieved. could you give me an actual diagram of how you would do it? or even better a picture :slight_smile:

If you need quantity you should talk to the sales guys to help.

I don’t know how to solder it and I have to ask hardware engineers to help as well, which is usually difficult.

To order 500 pcs you should not solder wires by hand. So please just talk with sales guys and they can definitely help better.