Adding VPN to my setup

I have a GL.iNet Slate router with a cellular phone tethered to the router via USB using the phones data for Internet.

The phone never gets disconnected and is never used for voice or text. I have no other source for Internet other than the cellular phone.

I now want to add a VPN. Can I add the Android VPN application to the phone for this to work or do I have to add VPN to the router?

If the phone “isn’t doing anything”, my first instinct would be to have it manage the VPN with its otherwise “quiet” CPU. You’d want to double check that the packets are going though your VPN.

Personally, I’d only use the official WireGuard (or OpenVPN) clients on the phone, not some “third-party” or provider-specific app.

If multiple devices need VPN, an integrated VPN router is the best.

if you mean vpn client, yes add it to the slate, if you mean vpn server, i dont think it can unless you find a way for the phone to forward the listen port to the router

I’m only wanting to run a VPN service for privacy and location spoofing.

In that case would adding the VPN service app to the phone tethered to the router do what I want?

Since either the phone or the router would be making outbound connections to the remote peer/server, either will work.

Thank you. I feel the app on the phone would be simpler to navigate.