Additional WLAN antenna extenison for GL-X750v2 onboard or USB possible?

Hello everybody,
I am searching now for a longer time for a solution to imrove the WLAN performance of my GL-X750v2 router, especially for the repeater function… meaning to improve the antenna performance for capturing external wlan networks.
I already asked the gl-inet support for the usage of the internal antenna connectors on the router board, but I did not receive a valid information about that. The second approach I was trying to figure out is the usage of an additional usb stick with an antenna extension, but obviously the supported sticks are very rare. Got anybody ever get an external usb stick working on a gl.inet router?
Or does anybody has an advice if and how it is possible to improve the wifi antenna performance of the GLX750v2?

Thanks in advance for every recommendation.


Hello @MaurerNo1

X750V2 antennas specification:
2 x detachable external 4G LTE antennas (SMA, 700M~2700MHz)
2 x 2.4G WiFi, PCB onboard antenna, does not support replacement
1 x 5G WiFi, ipex is connected to the internal PCB antenna, replacement is not supported.
In addition, the X750V2 USB port does not support WiFi Dongle, only data transmission and power supply.

Hello Summer,
thanks for this information as it looks as an official information. So it seems that there no supported ways to enhance the antenna performance of the X750V2. Nevertheless although replacements or extensions are not supported, does not mean that they do not work ;-). But a very helpful hint is that the USB port can be used for a power supply, I wasn’t aware of that.


No easy ways. Need to hack the hardware and connect antennas. Not worth the effort.