AdGuard Home & Brume


I am using the OpenWRT based image for my Brume and recently upgraded to 3.104 and therefore decided to switch from the adblock OpenWRT package to AdGuard Home.

Since I was a bit curious as to what kind of devices query which domain I upped the query logging in AdGuard to seven days from the default 24h. This morning I now realised that the query log is stored in /etc/AdGuardHome/data and the logging caused the internal storage to run full.

  1. Is there a way to reconfigure the log location for AdGuard? (it seems to rotate files so symlinking it is probably not enough)
  2. would it be an idea to expose the AdGuard dns directly in a future upgrade? Currently all DNS queries come from localhost which makes the logging less useful

Today I noted again that even with the one day query log the internal memory was running out (it did not log any queries in the last five days because the disk was full). I also checked the Github repo of AdGuard and there does not seem to be a way to customise the location for the querylog, so I ended up disabling it.