AdGuard Home login details

I would like to use the iOS app AdGuard Home Remote in order to monitor traffic running through my GL.iNet router. I am however unable to set it up, as the app requires the username and password of the AdGuard Home setup, which one is supposed to set during setup.

Since Adguard Home comes preconfigured on the router, I have no idea what the username and password are supposed to be. Does anyone know where to find this information?

Because Adguard Home login is modified in the router so that login is not required, so you cannot use a general Adguard Home app to control it.

Is there a way around this limitation @alzhao?

If you check the AdguardHome GL login code:

It first checks the GL cookie, then regular cookie, then basicauth. So it should be possible to just set the login info via config like regular AdguardHome does?

Simply add the users section in the configuration yaml should do the works.

Configuration sample from adguard team

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Works like a charm, thanks for the tip.
Now I can use my iPhone app to manage AdGuard Home.