Adguard Home Update for GL-MT2500?

I have a GL-MT2500 (Brume 2 - Kernel 5.4.211, admin panel 4.1.1 US) device.

AdGuard Home installed is version v0.107.8 - but the latest version according to AdGuard GitHub is v0.107.24.

What’s the best way to upgrade AdGuard Home to the newest version? There is no upgrade option from within the AdGuard Home admin interface.

Firstly, we disable update checking because users are prone to problems when updating manually. It will follow the firmware version upgrade. If you must update manually, turn off AdGuardHome on the GL UI and run this command.

/usr/bin/AdGuardHome --glinet -c /etc/AdGuardHome/config.yaml -w /etc/AdGuardHome -l syslog

You can then go to and see the upgrade alert.


Is there a way to make this permanent? Currently after updating it does not tell you when another update is available without repeating this command. Thank you

Please try to vi /etc/init.d/adguardhome and delete --no-check-update.


Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

What happens when a new firmware comes out for the router - will it overwrite the newer version of AdGuard?

Please provide the adguard home to the latest version of the firmware update. Currently am notices that the version is 107.8 and each of the time we update the firmware, we need to manually update for it which was inconvenient caused.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

Yes, when you install a new firmware the current Adguard will be overwritten.