Adguard Icon missing from Opal

So i recently picked up the GL-SFT1200 (Opal) and i upgraded the firmware to 4.1.1 beta1 and i have lost access to Adguard, as the interface is no longer there (see screenshot). I did install adguard from the application list and restarted the router but no luck

As a side note i also have the Flint and i upgraded it to 4.x.x as well and i have access to Adguard home was the feature removed from the opal from the 4.1.1 firmware?

Flint router

Through Luci i have installed Adguard home in my opal but i dont see the icon in the default page

SFT1200 is not poweful enough to run AdguardHome.

Does the function work well when you install and enable?

I installed adguardhome on the Opal with 3.215 and as long as you do not burden the CPU with huge blocklists, it runs fine. If I activate a large blocklist, the load average will skyrocket and crash the router. Here is my filter list from config.yaml on the Opal:

- enabled: true
  name: AdGuard Simplified Domain Names filter
  id: 1
- enabled: true
  name: AdAway
  id: 3
- enabled: true
  name: Dan Pollock's List
  id: 1666920331
- enabled: true
  name: OISD Blocklist Basic
  id: 1666920332
enabled: true
  name: Peter Lowe's List
  id: 1666920333
- enabled: true
  name: Dandelion Sprout's Anti-Malware List
  id: 1666920334
- enabled: true
  name: WindowsSpyBlocker - Hosts spy rules
  id: 1666920335
- enabled: true
  name: Ad-track1
  id: 1668074244
- enabled: true
  name: Fakenews
  id: 1670388328
- enabled: true
  name: Agh_tracking
  id: 1670388329

It is not heavy use on the network, so load averages stay below 2 for the most part on the Opal, and was another reason that I purchased a 2nd gl.inet router for the upgraded CPU to run AGH.

On a side note, I run adguard home on a GL-X750 off of an 8Gb sdcard with only the 1 default blocklist and use AGH for the DNS over TLS, https and DNS over quic feature plus the custom filtering rules with the following:


It runs fine on the X750, but again its mainly light browsing only. YMMV