AdGuardHome on GL-AX1800


Today i started using once of your devices, I setup it as a router, it was working fine, then I started to configure AdGuardHome, I went to configuration page added some additional domains, then I saw that there is an update for the router itself, I updated it it rebooted, but I lost access to the internet, the router was working fine itself i was able to see the UI, then i disabled adguard and internet is back, I tried to turn it on and there is an error stating that I need to change my DNS somewhere else, I was like wtf, then I uninstalled it and installed again and that error is showing up now (for the whole time i was not able to access the ‘Settings Page’

do you have any clue how to fix it? I would like to use ADguard (or there is a simillar plugin avilable)


Reverting the update did the trick

You need to install plugin called gl-agh-stats .