After adding multiple storage to the file sharing function, set up multiple folders (U disk, hard disk)

The old version 3.203 version can set / mnt this directory, the new version 3.211 can only set a single subfolder, for those who only plug in a reservoir (U disk, hard disk), only set one memory subfolder is alsoHowever, for people who use Hub Dock Dock to expand multiple memory (U disk, hard drive), you need to add multiple folders, use feel unfriendly, it is inconvenient, I hope to change it later, the later file sharing function increases can be addedRecord, select / mnt directory, generally not written to data in this / mnt directory, do not know how you have to change later.Still insisting on only one memory or a subfolder.

旧版3.203版本可以设置/mnt 这个目录,新版3.211就不行了只能设置单个子文件夹,对于只插一个储存器(U盘,硬盘)的人来说,只设置一个存储器的子文件夹也好,但是对于使用hub扩展坞扩展多个存储器(U盘,硬盘)的人,需要添加多条文件夹,使用感受很不友好,也不方便,希望后面改一下,后期文件共享功能增加可以添加多条记录,选择/mnt 目录,一般又不会往这个/mnt 目录里面写入数据,不知道后面你们要怎么改。还是坚持只能选择一个存储器或者一个子文件夹。




Can’t you pass on the suggestion for me


You can use LuCI UI to add multiple storage and share multiple directories:

LuCI → System → Mount Points

Luck → Services → Network Shares

You may have to installed additional package to enable these options.