All Devices using VPN DNS despite only 1 device using VPN client tunnel

I have the OpenVPN connection in the dashboard set to “VPN Policy Base on the Client Device”, and only 1 device is routed through the VPN (not my computer).

However upon checking, it shows that my computer is using the VPN’s DNS servers (when DNS setting is set to automatic). When I try to set the DNS manually, the DNS provider changes, however the servers remain in the country where the VPN is connected to.

How do I fix this? The DNS is routing my other devices to servers not in my country.

Router in question is the Flint AX1800.

Do you want your computer via VPN, but dns doesn’t via VPN?

All traffic is being routed thru the VPN tunnel so of course DNS is going to show that VPN endpoint’s region. You’d have a DNS leak otherwise.

As per the original post, I have the VPN policy set to “VPN Policy Based on the Client Device”. NOT Global. So only ONE device is routed through the VPN tunnel.

However, ALL devices are using the VPN DNS for some reason despite the fact that ALL but ONE device is using WAN internet at the router.

What I want is the devices that are NOT routed through the VPN tunnel to use the ISP DNS servers, not the DNS servers at the VPN endpoint.

And is this the case after you’ve flushed the client(s) cache?

Yes. After flushing cache through CMD, disconnecting and reconnecting to the network, restarting, etc.
I assume it’s fixable in OpenWRT. Or is this unexpected behaviour?

You could be onto a bug. So the PC is the client device to use the VPN per the policy, then? I don’t suppose you have a couple of mobile devices on hand who’s (non-randomized) MACs can be respectively assigned/excluded instead? It’s quicker to reboot a phone than a PC as various web browsers themselves cache DNS.

It can be a damn annoying ‘feature’ of modern browsers.

(What’s your Flint’s firmware ver? (GL GUI → System → Upgrade))

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I will try out the 4.5.0 snapshot tonight and see if it works.

I was running the latest stable version of the firmware (4.2.3)

let me know how it goes.

I’m still encountering the same issue. Also 4.5.0 snapshot is very unstable. I am going to revert to the stable branch.