All traffic being rerouted out of the box!

Hi. I just bought a Beryl GL-MT1300 and was trying to configure it. I’m on a local mesh provider who has a fiber backbone. I have one laptop CAT6 connected directly to the provider’s modem and one laptop connected to the Beryl for config (also CAT6 from laptop to Beryl and from Beryl to the modem).

The laptop connected directly to the modem gets ~250Mbps down and ~310Mbps up; correctly shows my IP address as from the local provider.

The connected to Beryl gets only ~7Mbps down and ~9Mbps up; speedtest .net shows my IP as, which is a VPN provider in Virginia called I don’t have a VPN and I have not enabled VPN on Beryl.

I had made some config changes, so when I saw this I did a factory reset, but this is still happening. Why is Beryl rerouting traffic through this site as a default??

Is there a proxy set up on the laptop to connected to Beryl, or a proxy set up on its Internet browser? It is best to use the same laptop to test both connections to avoid variations between them, by switching the Ethernet cables.

Instead of using the public IP address, I personally prefer to look it up on The website indicates that the company is more of a cloud hosting provider, than a VPN provider, although they may do that also.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

If you set up Beryl from scratch, it should not have any vpn etc. You can attach some screenshot of the Beryl.